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What is Digital Transformation?

The art and science of bringing any organisation to the place where technology and people happily, effectively and safely co-exist, for the benefit of the organisation and all its relationships. If you would like to come to this heavenly place, you can buy your ticket right here.

Now compare this to how Mark Peacock, Principal and IT Transformation Practice Leader of The Hackett Group, defines it: "Digital transformation happens at the intersection of technology innovation and business innovation. Digital technologies allow companies to fundamentally change the way they deliver products and services ... It's about using new business capabilities ... [e.g.] a digitally enabled workforce [to their advantage] ... at a pace unheard of 10 years ago" (in Consulting July 2017, p. 7). Spot the difference? Management consultancies tend to provide a purely topical definition, with this one being a 'better' example, although even here people appear last on the list. Digital transformation must be about people, else all the technology will be no good.

What is on offer?

Consulting services, both Advisory and Managed Services, that allow you to reach the full potential of your initiatives and people when it comes to change. With the backing of MI-GSO | PCUBED (my employer), the single largest consultancy solely focussed on helping clients change and transform through Project Portfolio Management (PPM) and Organisational Change Management (OCM), 1,600 consultants in 30 offices globally are on offer.

Whilst MI-GSO | PCUBED was founded in 1994 and has since served half of the Fortune 100, I have almost 20 years of personal experience in applying the right change where it is needed. Together we can help to make your Digital Transformation a success.

What is in it for me?

A robust mix of people needed to make your change work and to address your challenges, whether you are in Financial Services, Telecoms, Technology & Media, Manufacturing, Energy, or in the Public Sector.

Whether the answer is in traditional execution or in a more Agile approach, in project delivery, programme leadership or portfolio management, we have the right answer, and are praised for not providing your standard consultants, but people with heart and determination that fit into organisations as if they were always there.

You get the best kept secret in Digital Transformation because our satisfied repeat clients do not like to share. We can help with almost any transformation or implementation, though most have some digital component these days.

What happens if I call this number?

If you call this number (+44 (0) 7807 169 602) and I happen to be available, you will have a brief conversation with me, Dr Stefan Bertschi, to determine your needs and our fit, and likely to schedule some more time at an appropriate moment. Or leave a voice mail message with your name and phone number, and I will be calling back.

Any initial consultation is free of charge, hence there is no risk what so ever in calling this number and having that conversation. I am looking forward to your call. Alternatively, you can send me a message, using the form here, and I will get back to you at the earliest opportunity. Interested in collaboration rather than buying services - get in touch also, magic can happen.